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Post by Steve on Sun Jun 20, 2010 11:03 am

Q: I've lost my husband. I have a goal of "family chores" and my hubby is supposed to harvest 50 wheat. Well, he can't very well harvest wheat when he's missing.
A: Click Album>The person you want>Play then close album and click on the map, your player will come running

Q: I have like 30 new gifts. However, when I go to accept the gifts, I can only get like 1/2 of them. The other ones say it was a "special edition item" and that it has expired. However, it wasn't anything special, just bricks, ribbon, energy
A: You can only accept half because the other half are the same people sending you another gift. As you can only accept one gift per person per day this is why you get the error.

Q: My neighbours are not showing up.
A: This is a known bug and on a new game that is currently in BETA testing so stick with it and the problem will be fixed ASAP

Q: I cleared all the thorns on my field. Now I need my child to clear 5 thorns. Do they come back like the flowers? Or are they cleared?
A: The spots are random as far as I can tell. Thorns grow next to trees; cacti, wildflowers and skulls grow on cleared land that isn't near a fence or animal (being near plots seems to increase grow rate), grass and rocks seem to grow where flowers are. So plant some trees and wait.

Q: I cant find a bear in the trees.
A: You need a tree with at least 8 clicks for most of the bears. A 12 click tree is even better.

Q: I can't see how we are to create our wish list. Share it yes, but not create it.
A: Click your collections box then look up once you start it you can go to inventory and add stuff from there

Q: The family collection says the reward for trading it in is "energy bar 2" does anyone know what this means?
A: It means that your maximum level of energy will increase by 2 when you trade that collection.

Q: How do I put chickens inside the coop
A: In short, you can't

Q: How do I find my gift link
A: copy and paste this link then swap the last numbers of it to the numbers shown when you hover your mouse over your own profile picture.

Q: Everytime I click a Groundhog/Bear/Snake my browser freezes or I have a Ground hog stuck how do I fix this.
A: you plant a clover underneath the bugged pest wait till you can harvest it then before harvesting you can whack the pest.

Q: My Email horse is missing!
A: Click$$b4Pl402-fjbzMZU_cAwMFBR6TCvoclFBChrf*53S34E5qy0EXtvyY4zhH1*KdxfjGGXPRQuDx&next=unlock.php

for your horse.. Simples

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