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Post by Steve on Mon Jun 21, 2010 10:17 am

Below is a list of all the people looking for Decorations:

Before sending out this gift please copy and paste the message below and send it with the gift

I am a member of the unofficial FV site and have sent you the Gift you have asked for. In return I would like a _____________ and my link is ........... Thank you in advance for my gift.

This way you get the gift you want and not a random gift. If you are sent a gift with the mentioned note please honour our system by sending the gifter the item they requested.

I am looking for Decorations

If you are would like to be added to this list then add your info below by cutting and
pasting the following:

My Link is ______________________________ and I am looking for (What decoration)
I promise to honour this forums system for sending and recieving gifts.

This post will de moved to the trash can and reposted fresh on a daily basis preventing huge lists and abandoned links.

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